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The deadline to sponsor both the in-person and virtual event closed June 17, 2024. 

Want to discuss the possibility of sponsorship for the virtual event? Get in touch with us at

The 2024 DLF forum offers two distinctive events, Giving Sponsors twice as many opportunities for connections

We are excited to extend an invitation for you to collaborate with CLIR/DLF as a sponsor for the 2024 DLF Forum, encompassing two distinctive events: an in-person gathering at Michigan State University from July 29th to 31st and a virtual counterpart scheduled for October 22nd to 23rd. We are expecting 200 attendees for the in-person event and we have unlimited seats for the virtual event.

Both occasions offer immersive, multi-day experiences designed for learning, networking, and honing skills. They serve as platforms to inspire, forge connections, and foster the exchange of successes and setbacks within a vibrant community of digital library practitioners. 

By sponsoring the 2024 DLF Forum, your brand will be intricately linked with a diverse, multi-disciplinary network of professionals spanning the digital library, museum, archives, and cultural heritage sectors. Attendees range from project managers, technologists, and developers to administrators, archivists, and service providers. These events attract participants from a spectrum of institutions including art and cultural heritage establishments, non-profit organizations, government agencies, colleges and universities, and more. 

This sponsorship opportunity offers exceptional value, granting exposure at both events for the price of one. 

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to the team if you have any questions:

Thank you so much for taking the time to consider partnering with us to bring our community these exciting events! 

The deadline to sponsor our 2024 events is Monday, June 17.

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Take a look at the variety of sponsorship levels and benefits right here on this page.

Download the Sponsorship Pack

Download our Sponsorship Pack as a PDF! The Pack contains more information about CLIR/DLF, our 2024 events, our community, past sponsors, and complete information about packages.

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Sponsorship Levels and Included Benefits

We have a variety of sponsorship opportunities, including tiered levels, add-ons, and unique opportunities to engage with attendees of the DLF Forum, both in-person and virtually. We are always happy to discuss custom sponsorship packages as well, so please reach out to us at if this interests you. 

We’re excited to offer new benefits this year, including a chance for Gold and Platinum tiers to be featured in our virtual conference program and the launch of our “From Our Partner” email program. Some benefits are limited, so reserve your spot soon!

Standard Benefits for All Levels

Bronze Partnership

$ 800
  • Logo on conference website
  • Acknowledgement from the podium during plenaries and logo on slides
  • One public mention / thank-you on X and LinkedIn
  • Logo on emails to registered attendees (in-person and virtual)
  • Organization listed on the virtual event hub (landing page)

Silver Partnership

$ 1,500
  • Standard Benefits, Plus:
  • Link, organizational description, logo on conference site
  • Opted-in attendee email addresses
  • Additional In-Person Event Benefits:
  • Complimentary conference reception ticket and meal ticket for one organization representative
  • Exhibit table in exhibit hall
  • Additional Virtual Event Benefits:
  • Complimentary conference tickets for three organization representatives
  • Sponsor booth

Gold Partnership

$ 4,500
  • Standard Benefits, Plus:
  • One “From Our Partner” email (in-person or virtual)
  • Link, organizational description, logo on conference site
  • Opted-in attendee email addresses
  • Additional In-Person Event Benefits:
  • Named sponsor of one coffee break (up to 4 available)
  • Complimentary conference reception ticket and meal tickets for two organization representatives
  • Exhibit table in exhibit hall
  • Additional Virtual Event Benefits:
  • One partner session in the conference program (2 claimed, 0 available 0 available ; first-come, first-served)
  • Complimentary conference tickets for 4 organization representatives
  • Sponsor booth

Platinum Partnership

1 Available
$ 7,000
  • Standard Benefits, Plus:
  • Featured sponsor blog post on the DLF website
  • Two “From Our Partner” emails (one for each event)
  • One additional public mention / thank-you on X and LinkedIn
  • Link, organizational description, logo on conference site
  • Opted-in email addresses
  • Additional In-Person Event Benefits:
  • Named sponsor of the conference reception at the Broad Art Museum
  • Exhibit table at conference reception and in exhibit hall
  • Complimentary conference reception ticket and meal tickets for two organization representatives
  • Additional Virtual Event Benefits:
  • One partner session in the conference program
  • Complimentary conference tickets for 10 organization representatives
  • Sponsor booth

For a comparative, table view of benefits, continue scrolling.

15% Discount Offer

We’re excited to once again offer a 15% off discount for any sponsorship level for new sponsors; non-profit or educational organizations; and organizations that have fewer than 10 employees. Discount excludes Add-Ons. 

Add-Ons and Unique Opportunities

More ways to connect with our audience

Coffee Break Sponsor


Up to 4 Available

Help us keep in-person Forum attendees caffeinated by adding on a coffee break to any sponsorship level or opportunity listed. A sign with your company logo and name will be placed at the coffee station. Coffee break opportunities are available on a first-come, first-served basis, so commit to sponsoring soon to get your preferred break. 

Lanyard Sponsor


1 Available CLAIMED!

In-person event attendees will be wearing your logo, which will also appear in photos from the conference. Includes all benefits of a Bronze-level partnership. 

Swag Sponsor


1 Available CLAIMED!

Your logo will appear alongside DLF’s on the official conference swag that attendees can opt-in to receive. The type of swag will be determined with Forum staff who welcome your ideas on fun items we could offer to attendees. Past swag has included a first aid kit, transparent catch-all travel bag, and device camera covers. Includes all benefits of a Bronze-level partnership.

Virtual Break Sponsor


4 Available

Energize our virtual conference break! Join us as a sponsor of one of our virtual conference breaks, where we’ll focus on wellness and entertainment to rejuvenate and engage our participants. Breaks are a vital part of our event, providing attendees with the opportunity to relax, recharge, and connect in a virtual environment. Break sponsors will be recognized throughout the session and in the program. Demonstrate your commitment to supporting the well-being of professionals while gaining valuable exposure to a targeted audience. 

Table of Sponsorship Benefits by Level

Visual table of sponsorship benefits by tier

More Information About Our Benefits

We’re excited to offer an opportunity for high-level sponsors to host an engaging and insightful session at our virtual event where end-users have the opportunity to share real-world applications of their products. Attendees will have the opportunity to gain firsthand knowledge about cutting-edge solutions and discover how they are being utilized across various organizations. 

The session should include a panel of customers and delve into the practical aspects of product implementation, highlighting success stories, challenges faced, and lessons learned along the way. Whether the discussion is about software solutions that revolutionize workflow efficiency or hardware innovations enhancing productivity, this session should offer invaluable insights for attendees seeking to leverage the latest technologies in their own organizations. Traditional “sponsor pitches” do not tend to land well with the DLF audience. 

Sponsors should prepare to: 

  • Organize an engaging panel of end-users, which includes consistent communication with panelists
  • Determine who would be best in the role of session moderator
  • Provide prompts for panelists
  • Provide live demonstrations of their product(s)

Key topics that could be explored include:

  • Overview of innovative products and their key features
  • Real-world use cases and success stories across diverse industries
  • Best practices for effective implementation and integration
  • Strategies for maximizing ROI and overcoming challenges
  • Future trends and advancements shaping the industry landscape 

As part of this opportunity, DLF is happy to meet with you to discuss ideas and offer pointers for a successful session, if desired.

Team DLF is happy to meet with you to discuss the best way to engage the community during your Partner Session. Once the sponsorship level is claimed, we are open to meeting for further discussion and brainstorming. 

We’re excited to offer high-level sponsors the opportunity to share a message about their products and services with registered attendees through our “From Our Partner” email program. As a valued sponsor, you’ll gain exclusive access to our attendee base through direct email sent by DLF. We understand the importance of reaching your target audience effectively, and our email marketing benefit is designed to maximize your visibility and engagement. 

Key Highlights: 

  1. Dedicated email: Stand out in the inbox with a dedicated email sent to one (Gold sponsors) or both (Platinum sponsor) of our attendee lists (in-person or virtual). Craft a personalized message tailored to your goals, whether it’s promoting your latest products, announcing special offers, or inviting attendees to visit your in-person table or virtual booth. 
  2. Customized content: Our team will work closely with you to ensure that the content of the email aligns with your messaging objectives. From compelling subject lines to persuasive calls-to-action, we’ll help you craft a message that resonates with our diverse audience. 
  3. Post-event follow-up: Platinum and Gold sponsors will receive email addresses from attendees who have opted in to share them,  as part of your benefits package. Extend the lifespace of your sponsorship beyond the event dates by sending a follow-up email to attendees who visited your exhibit table or virtual booth or those who expressed interest in your offerings. 

Email Guidelines:

  • Copy should be no more than 300 words. 
  • All emails will utilize a template that will feature your company logo.  

If you’re not seeing quite the combination of benefits you’d like, let us know! Team DLF is always happy to work with you to develop a custom package full of the benefits that matter most to you. Email us at

2024 Sponsors

Thank You to Our Sponsors!

The DLF Forum has been organized in a variety of formats since 1999. Our events are trusted as a way to engage with the digital library community. 

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