Registration for the Virtual DLF Forum (October 22-23) is now open

The DLF Forum is a multi-day experience for learning, networking, and skill building

Join us at Michigan State University in East Lansing, Michigan, USA, July 29-31 and virtually October 22-23, 2024.

In-Person DLF Forum,

July 29-31

We’re excited to partner with member organization Michigan State University (MSU) Libraries and the College of Arts and Letters (CAL) to host DLF Forum’s in person summer event happening July 29-31, 2024.

Virtual DLF Forum,

October 22-23

The DLF community has expressed a desire for a virtual event and we’re excited to deliver this year. Offering a virtual conference in the fall will enhance flexibility, accessibility, affordability, and a reduced environmental impact. Join us online October 22-23, 2024.

Join us online

Registration for the Virtual Event is Now Open!

Join us online for the Virtual DLF Forum happening October 22-23. 

In-Person DLF Forum

Meet Our Featured Speakers

Kathleen Fitzpatrick, Director of Digital Humanities Professor of English, and director of the MESH Research Lab at Michigan State University, will present "Open Matters," which will explore what our dependence on corporate communications infrastructures may mean for the future of scholarly communication, as well as ways that academic institutions might become better able to take control of their own infrastructural needs.
Germaine Halegoua, John D. Evans Development Professor & Associate Professor of Communication and Media and co-founder of the Urban Tech Collective at the University of Michigan, will present "After 'after access': Emerging issues for digital inclusion and digital equity," which will explore the ways in which “after access” issues have evolved, what this evolution means for digital inclusion and equity interventions, and how infrastructures of repair may be used to confront our current conditions and move beyond harm reduction toward more equitable digital futures.
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Explore the In-Person Program

Join us for these thought provoking sessions and speakers at the in-person DLF Forum, July 29-31 at Michigan State University. Want to see what was presented in the past? Browse the 2023 Schedule and see all available recordings here

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Responsibly Implementing AI in Libraries and Archives: Introducing and Testing a Prototype Decision-Making Tool for Practitioners

Scott W. H. Young, Bonnie Sheehey, Sara Mannheimer, Natalie Bond, Jason A. Clark, Doralyn Rossmann, Hannah Scates Kettler, Yasmeen Shorish

Investigating Descriptive Practices for Potentially Harmful Cultural Heritage Materials

Sarah Lynn Fisher, Ana Krahmer, Bree'ya Brown, William Hicks

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Museums and Libraries - A Roadmap for Collaboration

Peter Gorman, Jill Kambs, Scott Prater

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About our event

Defining tomorrow's frontiers

The DLF Forum welcomes digital library, archives, and museum practitioners from member institutions and beyond—for whom it serves as a meeting place, marketplace, and congress. Here, the DLF community celebrates successes, learns from mistakes, sets grassroots agendas, and organizes for action.


Forum presenters typically actively engage with the audience in a two-way communication or participation.


Presenters have the freedom to utilize unconventional and imaginative methods to capture the audience's attention and communicate key information.


An overwhelming amount of attendees prefer practical sessions that focus on providing useful, actionable information that attendees can apply in their professional lives.


We encourage inventive sessions, where presentations aim to captivate the audience through originality, out-of-the-box thinking, and a fresh perspective, including methods such as creativity in content delivery.

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